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Training and certification

A number of classes are held at our facility, including special events, for a wide variety of skills and interests. Due to small class sizes and scheduling commitments, refunds are not available.

For the most current schedule of classes, please call the range at 408-970-9870. For a partial list of events, see the events calendar.


Students may receive discounts associated with a particular class. See range staff for details.

Firearms are also available for rent for some courses. Prior arrangements required.

Basic Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, Personal Protection, and California Hunter Education Courses

For course details, contact Bill Tidwell, 510-552-4742.

Beginner Evening Basic Handgun Courses
2 (or 3) evenings, $170.00 (+$85.00 for 3rd evening).
California Handgun Safety Certificate test optional.
Classes are 6:30pm – 9:00pm.
California Firearms Safety Certificate
NRA First Steps Rifle Course
Introduction to Shotgun Course
California Hunter Education
  • Traditional Course
  • On-line Follow Up Course
    $20.00 (plus internet fees)
NRA Personal Protection in the Home Course


Utah Concealed Firearms Permit Course
View complete course description (PDF) »

More information about the instructors, Bill & Cathy Tidwell...

Instructor website:

Firearms Training & Tactics with Donald Lazzarini

All classes begin promptly at 8:30 am.

All Students will be asked to sign a Hold Harmless Waiver with a Statement of Criminal History. Any student under 18 will need parent to sign Waiver.

Handgun and General Tactics:

Stage 1: 1 day Defensive Handgun Safety and Manipulation
Geared towards those with little or no DEFENSIVE shooting experience. Includes handgun safety, draw, basics of marksmanship, and more. $300.00.

Please Note: the following course content has been incorporated into the Handgun 2 class:
Stage 6: 1 day Marksmanship Problem Solver Handgun

View complete course description (PDF) »

Stage 2: 2 day Basic Defensive Handgun
Topics to be covered will include:
Review of fundamental skills from the 1-Day course; Clearing Malfunctions; Foot movement; Introduction to 3-Dimensional Targets; Tactical Loads, Speed Loads; and their applications; Shooting at Moving targets; 1 hand shooting, strong-weak hand; Low light-no light with flashlight; Shooting on the move; 1 hand manipulation/clearing-strong/weak hand; Close quarter shooting.

Please Note: the following course content has been incorporated into the Handgun 2 class:
Stage 3: 1 day Close-Quarters Defensive Handgun; Stage 4: 1 day Low-Light Defensive Handgun; Stage 5: 1 day Secondary Defensive Handgun

View course description and application (PDF) »

Stage 9: 2 day Defensive Handgun Tactics
Tactics and movement in various scenarios and environments (home, building, urban), one and two-person, using live both fire and force-on-force Airsoft.


Stage 2: 2 day Basic Defensive Shotgun
Topics include:
Safety, discussion of what the shotgun will do and will NOT do; Ammo selection; Choking and Patterning; Sling systems; Loading/Unloading; Shooting stance; Single and Multiple Rounds and Targets; Switching Ammo type in mid-fight; Foot Movement and Team Drills; Low Light; Transition to Handgun

View complete course description (PDF) »


Stage 1: 2 day Defensive Carbine
Covers the use of the carbine for defense. Topics include functioning of the weapon, accessories, loading, unloading, zeroing, alternate body positions, speed loads, tactical loads, malfunctions, alternate ready position and target problems as they relate to the bore line/sight line, as well as carbine to pistol transitions (previous Stage-1/2 pistol class required for this portion)

View complete course description and application form  »

More information about the instructor, Don Lazzarini...


For Women, By Women – Introduction To Handgun Shooting And Ownership

Taught by Janet Norris & Kriss Costa

Venturing into the word of handguns can be intimidating to ANY new shooter. But in most training programs the language, training styles and resources available are primarily developed with men in mind. For many women this results in a classroom and range training atmosphere that doesn't fit their needs.

In this class we aim to help our female students learn how to safely and confidently handle a firearm, while addressing the unique challenges women may face while learning to shoot. In the classroom portion of the class, students learn the basics of handguns including the hows and whys of handgun functions. In the live fire portion of the class, students will have the opportunity to shoot semi-automatic handguns in .22, 380, 9mm and 45 calibers as well as revolvers in .22 and 38 calibers. Students may also bring their own handgun for individual coaching.

This class consists of 5 hours of instruction, of both classroom time and live fire on the range. $195.00.

View course description and application »

The Well Armed Woman

The Well Armed Woman seeks to educate, equip, and empower women in their quest for knowledge and skills in the use of firearms in a nurturing environment.We invite all women 21 years and older who are interested in learning to shoot or in expanding their abilities in a low stress, low pressure, FUN & ENCOURAGING environment to join us. Not sure if this is for you? Come visit us at our monthly meeting and check us out.

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Private Instruction

By appointment.
Call for details.

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