Donald Lazzarini

Donald LazzariniI was a law enforcement officer for 30 years. I retired in 2004. During my law enforcement career I was on our special response team for 18 years and 16 of those years as the Point Man on Entry Element.

I was the department armorer, firearms instructor, range master, and tactics instructor full time for the last 7 years of my law enforcement career.

During my law enforcement years I was fortunate to take firearms classes from Louis Awerbuck, Clint Smith, Gunsite, Scott Reitz, and others.

I have held instructor certs from the NRA, FBI, Gunsite, Simunitions, Scott Reitz and Protech Ballistic Shield. I am a California P.O.S.T. law enforcement Instructor for handgun, shotgun, precision rifle, and carbine. I am a California P.O.S.T. law enforcement firearms Instructors, Instructor. I have been mentioned in Lt. Col. Dave Grossman's book “On Combat” Pg 34.

My goal as a firearms instructor is to teach fundamentals. It seems to be lost in most classes where round count and speed are more important. I want the student to leave my class with the knowledge to fix any shooting problem when they go to the range. More importantly to be confident enough to fix the problem.

Significant Milestones:

30 years Law Enforcement
18 years member Special Response Team
16 years Point man on Entry Element


1971 - 1976 Atherton Police Department
1978 - 2004 Santa Clara Police Department
22 years Patrol Officer
18 years Special Response
2 years Sniper Response Team
17 years Special Response Team Tactics Instructor
16 years Point Man Entry Team
7 years Department Firearms Instructor,
Tactical Instructor, Armorer (full time)
2001 - Present BAHR Head Instructor / Tactics, Simunitions
Law Enforcement / Military

Summary of Qualifications

1980 Smith & Wesson Armorer Academy
1983 Advanced Officer Safety and field Tactics
1983, 1997, 2005 Remington Armorer Academy
1983 NRA Police Firearms Instructor
1987 FBI Swat Academy
1987 FBI Swat Sniper School
1987, 1992, 1994,
1999, 2002
Sig Sauer Armorer
1988 NRA Rifle Instructor School
1989 State Department Protection of Public Officials
1990 Clint Smith Counter Sniper School
1990 Clint Smith Advanced Tactical Pistol School
1991 Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department SWAT
1991 Clint Smith COP MP5 School
1992 Clint Smith Tactical MP5 School
1992 International Law Enforcement Tactical Planning
1993 Louis Awerbuck Advanced Handgun
1994 Phil Singleton Live Fire Drug Raid School
1994 Louis Awerbuck MP5, Glock 21 SWAT HITT School
1994 FBI Advanced Sniper School
1995 Glock Armorer School
1995 Post Trauma Stress for Law Enforcement
1996 Gunsite Tactical Carbine Instructor Course
1996 Clint Smith Urban Rifle Class
1996 FBI Hostage Rescue School
1996, 2006 Colt AR 15 / M-16 / “O” frame pistol Armorer School
1997 LAPD Tactical Incident / Civil Liability Class
1998 San Diego SWAT Hostage Rescue School
1998 Beretta Armorer School
1998 Protech Ballistic Shield Instructor School
2000 Fresno SWAT AR 15 Academy
2000 Simunition Supervisor Training & Safety Course
2001 Scott Reitz AR 15 Instructor School
2002 Colt Armorers School M-16 / “O” Frame
2002 Sig Sauer Armorers School
2005 Remington Armorers School